Ernesto R. Cruz​

Chief Strategist

Ernesto has over 15 years of experience in the areas of strategic development, executive management and leadership, and business communications, as well as organizational development, and executive coaching. He has served as an advisory and consulting resource for private for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as governmental entities in Puerto Rico (at the municipal and state levels) and the United States (at the community and Federal levels).
In his diverse work experience, Ernesto has been charge of revamping market relations in over thirty countries across Latin America and the Caribbean for a U.S. scientific publisher; he directed, designed and developed the first Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) in the Caribbean, a digital network to streamline homeless service provision for the Chana & Samuel Levis Foundation; and he served as Executive Director for the Humane Society of Puerto Rico, among other professional ventures. At present, Ernesto splits his professional time between his business consulting practices, he serves on various non-profit and for profit boards, and has practiced as a professor in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Management at Sacred Heart University in Puerto Rico.  (MS, 2006).

Antonio Roig

Co-Inventor & Chief Engineer

Antonio is an engineer with more than twenty two years of professional experience in design, analysis, manufacturing, quality assurance, product development, and executive management for the water sports, transportation, commercial fishing, plastics and construction industries, emphasizing product quality and performance through the design and planning process.  He is also co-inventor of the TEBS.


Regarded as an analytical problem solver who understands technical systems and can make decisions necessary to produce the highest quality output within cost and schedule requirements, Antonio understands that project leadership success results from thorough knowledge of requirements, careful planning, and adherence to the design process; ensuring continuous improvement through evaluation of material, process, design, company’s culture and customer expectations.

Guifre Tort

Founder & CEO

Guifre is a serial innovator and creative entrepreneur with an architectural and artistic background.  He is the patent holder for TEBS and the leader of the GKP team. Guifre’s years of experience holding leadership positions in small business management have allowed Guifre to have a positive track record as a serial innovator.  Innovation Fund, a Puerto Rico based company, owner of, the first crowdfunding platform in the Caribbean; and PrePro, Puerto Rico’s first and foremost production directory for the film, TV and the advertising industries on the Island are the two latest examples. Over ten years of experience in creative cost-effective problem-solving and project management have earned him recognition as one of the most talented Art Directors in the Puerto Rico’s film industry, and helping improve brands like: Bacardi Toyota, Heineken, and Coca Cola, among others. Guifre’s hard-earned reputation as Production Designer may be seen in feature films such as Cayo (with Roselyn Sanchez), The Caller, Havana Nights (with Diego Luna), The Hoax (with Richard Gere) and The Good Shepherd (with Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, and Robert De Niro). 
Guifre received his education in Puerto Rico where he obtained a BA in Visual Arts from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, as well as three years of Architectural studies towards a Masters of Architecture.

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