The Traffic Energy Bar System (TEBS) is a technology capable of generating large-scale, clean energy by collecting and harvesting kinetic energy from vehicular traffic.  It consists of a mechanism that is installed in the roads and is activated when a vehicle travels over the unit.  TEBS is a product designed in Puerto Rico, and has been granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and is registered in Europe as well.

Guifre Tort and Antonio Roig are the co-inventors of TEBS.  Green Kinetic Power, LLC (GKP) acquired all commercialization and developmental rights for TEBS. GKP, LLC, a duly registered corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, USA, is a research and development organization in the field of alternative energy.  We make products that  help reduce carbon generation, and support our client’s ecological responsibility while improving their cash flow.


TEBS is activated when the weight of passing vehicular traffic exerts a vertical (downward) push of the two receptor bars, and this motion and its force is then transformed into electrical power.  The electricity is produced by electromagnetic generators that can be interconnected and synchronized in a scalable manner so as to meet our client needs.

  • Production of abundant clean energy

  • Scalable, modular

  • Stabilization of long-term energy costs Increased energy independence for our host

  • Green job creation

  • Near-zero environmental impact for installation and operation

  • Carbon abatement of modern society’s growing vehicular traffic

  • Increased knowledge of traffic data (frequency, weight, and speed)

  • Contribute to our host ’s economic development and growth